Shipping to Mexico via United States Postal Service (USPS)

The United States Postal Service is a self-supporting federal agency which operates on mail and package shipping not just in the home country but also across the globe. Being one of the most trusted government agencies, it provide services to millions of national and international mailing and shipping needs which allow USPS to revenue 6 billion dollars annually. No matter how great the agency is, the USPS can only cater medium types of shipments in the form of packages and mails.

International shipping services offered by the USPS has a maximum of 70 pounds (31.82 kilos) depending on the type of delivery options to Mexico which are as follows.

1.       Global Express Guaranteed – This deliver option provides the fastest, date-certain delivery service to Mexico with a money-back guarantee. The weight limit is up to 70 pounds and the individual dimensions may not exceed 46 inches in length by 35 inches in width by 46 inches in height. Price ranges from US$34.95 to US$327.25 depending on the package weight.

2.       Express Mail International – Weight limits vary by country. In Mexico, maximum limit is 44 pounds. Dimensions limit is 36 inches in length, 79 inches in length plus girth combined. However, money back guarantee is not available in Mexico for this option. Nonetheless, rates are much lesser compared to Global Express Delivery Option with a difference of $5 to $50.

3.       Priority Mail International – The most reliable and economical means of sending correspondence and merchandise to Mexico and to other countries. The weight limit of deliveries to Mexico is the same to that of the Express Mail International but the individual dimensions is limited to 42 inches in length, 79 inches in length plus girth combined. Money back guarantee is not available also. The best part of this option is that it has much lesser rate compared to the above-mentioned options which ranges from $20 to $125.

4. First-Class Mail International – This delivery option has the outstanding value for shipping your packages to Mexico with a price range of $1.23 to $16.77 but the weight limit is 64 ounces while the dimension limits is 24 inches long and no more than 36 inches in combined length, height, and depth. No money guarantee.

5. Airmail M-Bags – This delivery options for bags and sacks has a minimum of 11 pounds up to 66 pounds including the tare weight of the sack. Delivery rate starts at $26.95 at the minimum.

It is important to note that prices are usually lower when shipping because of the North American Free-Trade Agreement. This is only applicable if you are shipping from the United States.


~ by sathvikt on October 6, 2010.

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